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Providence Catholic High School


Providing a Christ-centered education to the young people of New Lenox IL for over 50 years, Providence Catholic High School is not only a great place to receive an excellent academic education but also a wonderful atmosphere where faith and learning can be cultivated together.

All students at Providence are required to complete four years of art, English, foreign language, mathematics, religion, science, and social studies. Providence seeks to have all its teachers excel in both subject matter and faith formation.

The academic rigor at the school is exceptional. All courses are taught with an eye toward critical thinking skills as well as grading on a standard bell curve.    The faculty works intently to ensure that the students have a mastery of the subjects they are studying.

Over 90% of Providence's graduates go onto college. The school is very selective with its admissions process and is currently only accepting about a third of its applicants.  The average GPA for admitted students was close to 4.0.   The school seeks to provide a challenging and engaging education that will prepare its graduates well for life beyond Providence.

One of the best features of the school is its fine arts program.  Many schools might relegate their art programs to an afterthought but at Providence, it is treated as a first-class discipline.    Each student at Providence is required to take art every year they are there.  The school fosters creativity and allows students to grow artistically through different mediums including painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, drama, music, and dance.

As a community, all of these subjects take place within the school day.  Because of this students are able to take their religion classes with their art, English, math, science, history teachers.  Going through all these disciplines allows for a greater understanding of context and provides more opportunities for discussion.

The beauty of Providence Catholic is that it does not exist in a bubble.  The school is very involved in the community and regularly takes advantage of the resources that are available.  The Fine Arts department has received grants from local benefactors to take students on field trips for hands-on learning experiences.


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