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Hibernia Park


Hibernia Park is a great place to visit in New Lenox IL. Hibernia Park lies on fourteen acres of land between Cedar Road and Locust Street, south of the New Lenox Metra station along the Canadian National Railway (CN). The park is a great family-friendly area in New Lenox IL, with plenty of activities to offer.

The park features a playground for children, several athletic fields and courts, picnic areas with grills, a walking trail around the perimeter of the entire park, public restrooms at the entrance of Hibernia Park, and an open field where people can fly kites or just enjoy the sunny day.

Hibernia Park is also right next to the Maple Meadows Golf Course, located at 418 W. Maple Avenue in New Lenox IL. The Hibernian Society of New Lenox IL has donated several thousand dollars to local organizations and schools over the years, which allowed for donations towards the improvements of Hibernia Park.

The enhancements to Hibernia Park that were made possible by donations from the Hibernian Society include a new parking lot with several handicap accessible spots, a storage shed for park equipment and maintenance supplies, a new brick entrance walkway, and a decorative fence surrounding the entire property.

Hibernia Park is open to the public every day from sunrise until sunset. Hibernia Park is a great place for community events, such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt, which has been held at Hibernia Park since 2008 and is one of the few color egg hunts during Easter in New Lenox IL. There are also many other cultural and sports-related events at Hibernia Park throughout the year.


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