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Furnace & AC Repair Frankfort IL | Local HVAC Replacement & Maintenance Service

You generally won't notice when your air conditioning has stopped working during the middle of the night while you are asleep. However, when the sun rises, that starts to change - fast. 

A broken AC may be more manageable than losing heat at night. However, it would help if your AC had the perfect condition to battle the day's sweltering heat. Our job is to fix your cooling unit and keep you comfortable throughout the year. Unlike other contractors that stick to a schedule, we work round the clock to solve your AC problems.


AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups | Keep The Cool Going Strong

Regarding high-quality work, we're a step above most HVAC companies. Instead of solving the root problem, many contractors choose to do an easy fix and then walk away with your money, making it just a matter of time before the problem shows itself once more and puts you back to square one. 

Although our analysis is thorough, we don't magnify the problem. Our technicians won't tell you to buy another unit when you can restore your old one's performance with repairs. If purchasing a new unit is cheaper, we'll recommend the best option based on your energy needs, home size, and budget. 

While we do take the time we need to perform the job properly, we're not going to overstate the situation. If your unit does not require a specific repair, we won't tell you it does. If we determine that a replacement unit will be more budget-friendly in the long run, we will offer our honest advice.


Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance around Chicago

S&S Mechanical Services Inc has specialized in residential and commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration in the Chicago area since 1981. Whether your home or business is in downtown Chicago or the western suburb of New Lenox, we are proud to offer our expertise to you. At S&S Mechanical Services Inc, our focus is on ensuring our experienced team of technicians is up to date on the latest technologies of HVAC.

As our business has grown geographically, it has also grown in the services we provide to our clients. In addition to traditional heating and cooling services, both residential and commercial, we also offer refrigeration services to our commercial clients and ductless systems for residential and commercial. No job or business is too tiny for S&S Mechanical Services Inc. While we have grown, our priorities have not changed: making sure our customers come first.


Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

With all the rogue contractors in the industry, you want trustworthy professionals for your AC maintenance. You may find some promising companies, but you only need the best handling of your air conditioner. We swing into action to address your cooling problems regardless of your budget, house size, and location in our area of coverage.

No matter which one of our service areas you live in, we are here to help. Whatever your home size or budget may be, our technicians will collaborate with you to find a cooling solution that meets both our high standards and yours. 

Apart from homes, our services include business properties. You don’t have to lose customers because of a broken AC. Proper air conditioning also increases employee performance. There are plenty of companies out there, and you will want one that suits your budget. Find a contractor that can meet your demands and will be there for you when you need them the most, regardless of the time of day. 


Furnace Installation and Maintenance Services Near You

Temperatures occasionally fall to unpleasant levels. Your heating system must take over whenever this happens to restore warmth and comfort. But even the best furnaces on the market are not wear-and-tear-resistant! They get inefficient with time and build additional costs in power bills and maintenance services.

This is why you'll want an expert on your side. Thanks to the powerful combination of our heating services and experienced technicians, you can count on S & S Mechanical to take care of the issue at hand, restoring the operation of your unit and your peace of mind. 


Need Your Furnace Repaired or Installed? Call Our Nearby Experts!

Whether your furnace or air conditioning system needs a minor or a major repair doesn't matter. Both small and large breakdowns need a quick expert examination in Frankfort, IL. On the contrary, these minor issues might mount to costlier repairs if you ignore them.

If you want to identify and solve a problem early on, you should monitor your system for the warning signs that indicate the need for a repairThese can be things like:

  • Abnormal power bills resulting from poor power consumption by inefficient heating systems
  • Intolerable weird noises from your furnace caused by aging
  • Unevenly regulated temperatures in different rooms that the thermostat cannot control
  • Unusual replacements of various parts of your system
  • Irregular short cycles (your system goes on and off)
  • Poor air quality at home resulting from damaged furnace filters
  • Your house has cold spots because of improper insulation or ductwork complications.

If you are experiencing these problems or any other signs that might mean a repair or replacement is needed, don't hesitate to call us! You can contact our friendly service team or reach us online.